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Gourmet Exotic Jerky Starter Packages
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Gourmet Exotic Jerky Starter Packages

Looking to add the hard-to-find, memorable types of jerky to your product selection? This is one of our most popular Gourmet Starter Package sand it just doesn't get any more unique than this! This selection of exotic jerky types guarantees you to find something for everyone. The Gourmet Exotic Jerky Better Starter Package features Venison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Elk Jerky, Lamb Jerky, Wild Boar Jerky and Bacon Jerky! In addition to being the most exotic assortment of jerky it is also the highest quality jerky on the market and the perfect product to sell to your customers who want something different! Select the right size for you and get started selling the best Exotic Jerky on Earth today!

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  • Made in the U.S.A.!
  • All-Natural
  • Highly memorable products
  • Hard-to-find varieties
  • Great margins
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basic starter package

60 pieces of Gourmet Exotic Jerky! We are famous for our Exotic Jerky and for good's the best around. All natural and made with farm-raised meat, you won't find a higher quality jerky anywhere. Get started selling these unique products that your customers will always remember today, with this Basic Starter Package.

10 - – Original Venison Jerky
10 - – Hot Venison Jerky
10 - – Original Buffalo Jerky
10 - – Hot Buffalo Jerky
10 - – Original Elk Jerky
10 - – Original Wild Boar Jerky

better starter package

108 pieces of Gourmet Exotic Jerky! This Better Starter Package has even more of the products from the Basic Starter Package and adds to it our Specialty Jerky Products. Merchandised together, this selection will set you apart in the minds of your customers from anyone else by giving you a wide range of varieties to offer.

12 - – Original Venison Jerky
12 - – Original Buffalo Jerky
12 - – Hot Buffalo Jerky
12 - – Original Elk Jerky
12 - – Original Wild Boar Jerky
12 - – Teriyaki Venison Jerky
12- - Buffalo Wing Chicken Jerky
12- - Maple Bacon Jerky
12- - Original Bacon Jerky

best starter package

A whopping 200 pieces of Gourmet Jerky Goodness! This Best Starter Package has all of our best selling Exotic Jerky products. This rounds out our Exotic selection and gives you a wider range of price points in addition to the wide variety of flavors. It's the Holy Grail of Exotic Jerky!

10 - – Original Venison Jerky
10 - – Teriyaki Venison Jerky
10 - – Hot Venison Jerky
10 - – Original Buffalo Jerky
10 - – Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky
10 - – Hot Buffalo Jerky
10 - – Original Elk Jerky
10 - – Teriyaki Elk Jerky
10 - – Hot Elk Jerky
10 - – Original Wild Boar Jerky
10 - – Maple Wild Boar Jerky
10 - – BBQ Wild Boar Jerky
10 - – Original Lamb Jerky
10 - – Original Kangaroo Jerky
10 - – Original Alligator Jerky
10 - – Hickory Alligator Jerky
10 - – Cajun Alligator Jerky
10 - - Original Bacon Jerky
10 - - Maple Bacon Jerky
10 - - Sriracha Bacon Jerky

Product Reviews

5.0 on 5 Stars

I ordered the Basic starter package and this jerky was just excellent. What caught me was the variety of animals and trying different flavors of jerky! It was very delicious and the shipping was quick!

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